Steven, this really cheered me up. Like. you have no idea. Thank you! I never asked. They all hated me accept for Mila and the plus-sized dancer named Bunny. Mila just didn’t care about anyone else or the gossip and Bunny kept to herself. I honestly am not sure but they all loved him.

What city are you in? I mean there are some jank clubs before I started dealing there was a club here in Minot and my friend waitressed there but it closed down soon because no one came. It’s really sad because there’s a lot of drugs running through North Dakota so you see a lot of people, both men and women, whither away due to the drugs starting in high school.

It’s a lot different than California or DC where I’ve worked. There are some really nice clubs there the one I worked at was standard but the girls are stunning. I can tell you the name if you ever want to go.

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine.

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