Sean Stephane Martin Hi! I’m glad you are back! I am really excited about this comment because you are the first to notice the darker tones. You’re absolutely right, the way we acted was ridiculous. Michael tried to be nice to her but my sister and I were not kind, which is why I tried to back track and Alicia called me out for being a hypocrite. Do I like to look like an asshole? No, but this is how we felt through it. Honestly, I talked to my dad about it yesterday because I’m coming down for Christmas, and I let him know how odd it is to walk the line between being happy for him and wary of this thirty year old woman who took a liking to him.

I mean, it is a very delicate and uncomfortable situation, but he actually told me some information about her that made me realize I judged way too soon. She and I are actually on pretty similar paths. I’m going to be included it in the Christmas story.

I’m working on being a more forgiving person now that I’m divorced and starting again. Sadly, though, I could have handled meeting Tess better. We did not create a welcoming environment. I told my dad at Christmas to please make sure she’s around so I can get to know her better.

I’m glad you commented on this and would like to hear your rebuttal! Maybe you can give me some advice on how to be a little more understanding because this is tough and Christmas is coming up fast.

Looking forward to the discussion!

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine.

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