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Pregnant Rihanna’s “Boring” Halftime Show Should be Celebrated

Do you know how hard it is to be pregnant? I don’t. And that’s because it’s too hard for me.

Evelyn Martinez
3 min readFeb 14, 2023


Personally, I am not a big football fan. I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was on the way until I took my dog out to our apartment’s dog park and my friend shouted at me from his third-story balcony.

“How you doin? Watching the Super Bowl today?”

“I never could quite get into football,” I’d replied.

“There’s always the Puppy Bowl. Also, Rihanna is making a comeback performance.”

“I might just have to watch that. Rihanna and puppies sound like a great mix.”

And indeed, it was a good show. But not everyone thought so.

Granted, I didn’t watch either the Puppy Bowl or Rihanna’s halftime show when it first aired. At least, not until I’d poked around Youtube looking for fail videos and found a Youtube Short talking about how Rihanna’s dancers were “pissed” she didn’t perform more and that they “had to carry the show”. You know, what dancers are paid to do.

I followed this up with a trip to Google only to see tons upon tons of articles slamming Rihanna for her lackluster performance while she was clearly very



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