Oh my goodness Bill Burkett that is so kind of you to say! Wow! All there is to do here is drink and gamble, and it brings out a lot of colorful people. I could see where you would be uncomfortable that she was mad he didn’t send it to her. That would rile me a bit, too.

Zeke tried to pull the same thing with me, but a lot less than Andy, I think. For some reason, my tattoos make men think I’m slutty. In fact, I just told off one who got my number somehow and asked me to come over because he was drunk and horny. Andy is a crazy girl, but she has a sweet face, the kind you’d take home to mom, so he wooed her a lot more than me, for sure.

Between you and me, he had nothing to be proud of. If his dick were mine, I wouldn’t be showing it off. Looked like a Vienna sausage.

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine. https://url.bio/Eviemwrites1

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