It’s interesting because If Im Just really forward with someone (not just men) they get super confused and think I want a relationship. I’ve also just been like, “Hey you’re cool” and they’re like, “I’m taken.”

And I’m Like, “cool, not what I was saying at all” lmaooooo.

People are so quick now to shut down because men/women when they’re not ready to separate the two shit can get uncomfortable lol

And I get it cause I used to get confused too. I thought I was in love so many times, but nah, I just think a lot of people are hot lmao. I realize this now after a marriage and divorce.

This is a great piece and it’s weird to me now this isn’t common knowledge. Thanks for the read (in my nieces preschool parking lot. Why does that feel inappropriate? Haha)

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine.

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