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I Wish I Hadn’t Smiled and Told That Creeper I Had A Wife

When women receive unwanted advances, why is this such a common knee-jerk response?

Evelyn Martinez
6 min readFeb 17, 2023


I’d never seen a woman look more scared, to tell the truth. I was minding my business tooling around Publix when she tapped me on the arm in passing.

“Hey! I know you!” she’d said with a bright smile. I recognized her as the pretty girl with blue eyes down the hall. She lived with her husband and we often caught up in the dog park. She’s a super sweet girl, but her eyes told me something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” I’d asked as she pulled me into an aisle.

“No,” she replied.

“Oh, shit.”

“A man has been following me, or I guess he followed me into the store. I didn’t notice. He tapped me on the shoulder, though, and told me he thought i was attractive and asked what I was doing later. I told him I was married, and he told me, ‘I’m not looking for anything serious.’”

Women have to “behave” when we don’t want to

For women, this situation isn’t as rare as it might seem. In fact, the reason I immediately told her: “Okay, well I’m your wife, now. If he comes back, I’ll let him know. What do you need to buy?” is…



Evelyn Martinez

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