Hello, Phyllis! Thank you for the enlightening comment. You know, I’ll be honest, it never crossed my mind. I assumed the mention of Afrikaans was enough, but perhaps I am giving readers too little and need to clarify. Even though I married a black man, I feel I am still woefully ignorant of a lot of situations like these, and I appreciate someone as educated as yourself commenting and helping me be better.

I am sure African Americans and Black Africans didn’t appreciate the generalization, if they read it. I was planning to rework the story soon. Do you have a suggestion on how I could mention that he’s a white South African while still sounding organic? I’m having trouble seeing it and I want to make sure this is right.

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine. https://url.bio/Eviemwrites1

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