Photo courtesy of the author. The “scandalous” outfit

Can Hot Women Get a Break, Please?

“Pretty Prejudice” exists and I feel bad about it.

Evelyn Martinez
7 min readApr 24, 2021


Note: I received permission to write this piece.

Are you as tired of people getting intimidated by beautiful women and being dicks about it as I am? Because I’m over it. My fraternal twin sister, who I live with, came into my room crying earlier. It’s important to note real quick she is very pretty and has been all her life.


Photo courtesy of the author. Not a work outfit, but you get the point.

She’s a normal person, a mom who just wants to live her life and isn’t trying to constantly “be hot” even if she can’t help it. She’s also extremely weird (which surprises people. I guess some don’t understand girls like her can be.) and has a sneeze like the wolf in the Three Little Pigs.

And that is a good enough segue into my question of the day: Can hot women get a break, please?

“Pretty Prejudice” happens

I mean, I know all women need a break. Being the Danny Devito in this Twins situation I’ve learned standing around as a woman is pretty much a grave offense in our world. But this specific issue of women getting judged and treated…



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