He told me he could say that “because he was gay”. And no, he wasn’t being cute.

Photo courtesy of the author. I call this look “The Offender”

I have a question for you. Have you ever been so astounded by the words spewing from someone’s mouth all you could do was stare?

I ask because I found an old shirt in my closet today, black, long-sleeved, low-cut, one I wore as a uniform when I used to…

It chills me to know people think women are “dispensable”

Photo courtesy of Stetsik on Depositphotos.com

Note from the author: Please enjoy this audio recording of the story narrated by me. Thank you for stopping by! (I couldn’t get it to embed, sorry!)


The one with the most teardrop tattoos and the leader was like a son to my manager at one of the bars…

Evelyn Martinez

Former blackjack dealer. Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine. Email: eviemwrites@gmail.com

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