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Evelyn Martinez

He told me he could say that “because he was gay”. And no, he wasn’t being cute.

Photo courtesy of the author. I call this look “The Offender”

Photo provided by the author. I wore black lipstick that day and somehow that made him really mad.

Since when did a little lipstick hurt anybody?

Photo courtesy of the author. I was so frustrated I made a Tiktok at 3 am.

Even if you just get nervous over stuff from time to time, I get you so much. But I can’t help you.

Photo courtesy of the author. The “scandalous” outfit

“Pretty Prejudice” exists and I feel bad about it.

Custom art courtesy of Ratih_tri95 on Instagram

I offered him a cigarette. He responded by finding out my cabin number, watching me eat in the mess hall, and showing up at my door.

custom story art by ratihtri on Fiverr

What universe were we in again? I didn’t realize sitting through a movie guaranteed action.

Art courtesy of ratihtri on Instagram

Honestly, I’m grateful he did, and I’d like to talk about why.

Custom art courtesy of Ratih Tri (@ratih_tri95) on Instagram

So I asked her to watch me use medical marijuana before she made an opinion.

People are still wary of “the Devil’s Lettuce.”

Evelyn Martinez

Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine. Email:

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