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Evelyn Martinez

He told me he could say that “because he was gay”. And no, he wasn’t being cute.

Photo courtesy of the author. I call this look “The Offender”

custom art by the talented ratih_tri95 on Instagram.

Can friendly people catch a break or nah?

“You know, just as friends.”

photo courtesy of HayDmitriy on

Why are we still having to explain non-sexual nudity to people?

photo courtesy of alexcoral on

What may be endearing to you could rub people the wrong way.

Photo provided by me. We were pretty obsessed with Tiger King when I first got here.

And I need to explain to her why.

Moving away is going to suck.

But you shouldn’t wait for a close call to appreciate your life

Soul mate drawing provided by me. Well, hey, handsome! How you doin’?

You could let the stars decide your love life, or you could move on with it yourself.

Who doesn’t want to believe in instant magic?

If nothing but fear is stopping you, why wait?

If you’re not sure, ask. If you’re not into it, say so.

Custom art by the talented Ratihtri_95 on Instagram

Provided by the author. I call this masterpiece: “oh sh*t”

What do you do when your normal is considered abnormal?

Evelyn Martinez

Former blackjack dealer. Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine. Email:

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